Nothing’s Binary is an evolving Project which puts on events, workshops, gigs and makes music celebrating the full gender spectrum.


Kimwei has run workshops at Togetherness, Summerhouse and Osho Leela festivals, bringing healing to the aspects of us can go unseen and unloved if they don’t fit within the stereotypical frame of our physical gender. These include:

Do You See Me?: The healing power of being seen for who we really are

More Than The Sum Of Parts: Honouring Your Body

Testimonials from Osho Leela participants:

“The best workshop I have ever been to!”

“Exactly what my body needed.”

“I rediscovered myself – I felt like I was walking through woodlands I thought I knew, but discovering new fruit and trees”

Email Kimwei to book a workshop for your festival or event.


Kimwei’s album Nothing’s Binary, which features gender and identity themed songs, is available from bandcamp. The signal “Nothing’s Binary” itself is how this project/website was born. Scroll down to “The Story” to find out more.

Nothing’s Binary – The Story:

It began in May 2017 with this video:

After a wonderful response to the video, Billie and I have hosted events that challenge binaries, been featured on BBC Radio Devon, Queer Spirit Festival and Queer Rites. Kimwei has also contributed to content for Beyond The Binary Magazine and Billie for The Telegraph.

The project continues to grow and evolve with our 2nd instalment, Slugs & Spice:

Watch this space for more videos and songs, or events near you. Alternatively, get in touch to invite myself, or Billie and I as a pair, to contribute to a project or event of your own.