Togetherness Festival: Do You See Me? (Workshop)

Don’t miss Kimwei’s workshop at Togetherness London on June 17th 2018!

We all have the desire to be fully accepted, yet being truly understood is rare. Why is this? When have we been asked to decide between inclusion and self-realization? When has it seemed necessary to go against our true nature in order to be loved?

This workshop explores the barriers that make aspects of ourselves, and others, hard to perceive, acknowledge and bring compassion to. These barriers might include societal expectations, manners, stereotyping or assumptions. The aim is to present simple but powerful tools to bring healing to our unseen qualities, encouraging connection.

You can’t be what you can’t see and you can’t be what can’t be seen. As a result, this workshop invites you to open your perception and discover exciting new realms in yourself and beautiful new ways of being with others.

Facilitator: Kimwei McCarthy

Kimwei is a singer-songwriter, university lecturer, intuitive therapist, digital nomad, blogger and lifestyle experimenter. He developed workshops which address unseen qualities as a result of his Nothing’s Binary project, which drew his attention to how aspects of us can go unseen if they don’t fit within the stereotypical frame of our physical gender. Like all our workshops, this space is inclusive to all and is LGBT+ aware.

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