Kimwei’s “Nothing’s Binary” Album Launch Dec 1st, Gallery 36, Exeter!

Songs, stories and verse! What more could you want? Award winning poet Fiona Benson, international storyteller David Healthfield and myself bring you a wondrous night out at Gallery 36. In case that isn’t enough, enjoy all of this whilst surrounded by Veronica Goslings energetic and unique artwork.
This is a Bardic event, showcasing the Bardic arts (songwriting, storytelling and poetry) whilst doubling as the launch of my long awaited album “Nothing’s Binary”. You can pre-order the album HERE
Since numbers are limited, please book through Gallery 36 to avoid disappointment :
Tel: 01392 256206
Tickets £7/6
If you do have to cancel, let us know asap so we can offer the space.
Look forward to seeing you there!
Love and light
Singer-songwriter Kimwei brings captivating songs that unravel and bring light to the darkest corners “as though he’s giving each member of the audience an individual hug” – Blue Walnut, Torquay. (Featured on Sky Arts, BBC Radio Devon)
Fiona Benson is an award winning poet who’s work is brave, searing and deeply powerful (Forward Prize 2018, Seamus Heaney First Collection Poetry Prize 2015, Radio 4). Watch her read, here: FIONA BENSON
David Heathfield tells stories from around the world transporting us to every country with his warm charm, showing us the joys and sorrows of the human heart.
Kimwei is the Bard of Exeter and presents the evening as part of his mission to bring together the Bardic Arts: Storytelling, Poetry and Song.

More On Changing Pronouns

Hello all,

Since I changed my pronoun 2 days ago, and published the letter I sent to my colleagues on social media, there has been much discussion on my feed. Warm thanks to everyone who’s supported me and who’s contributed to the debate.

Here are a couple of videos I’ve made, in response to what’s been brought up, explaining more about my gender, pronoun choice and pronoun changes in general.

Enjoy. Share. Discuss. In doing so you changed the world 🙂

Non-Binary Playlist:

Love and light




Why I’ve Changed My Pronoun

Wow, I just changed my pronoun at work! Here’s what I wrote. Feel free to share it:

“Hello all,

Today is a big day for me because I’m writing to ask you to change the pronoun you use to refer to me, in writing and in person, from she/her to he/him.


My He/Him lapel badge, from Shannon Marie Harm

I came out as non-binary transgender in 2014 and have been making changes to how I present my gender both socially and professionally. The time has come for me to change my pronoun in the workplace.

To explain…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this idea, sometimes people decide to change their pronoun so that it falls in line with their internal sense of gender. Transgender is a broad term, encompassing people with a whole range of identities, so here’s mine: I am physically female (AFAB) which is something I don’t want to change, but since I was young my internal sense of gender has been non-binary – meaning neither fully male, nor fully female. The label non-binary helps people around me understand this, which in turn makes it easier for me to be myself and feel understood and accepted. This is why it’s important to me to change my pronoun.

People who are non-binary could choose any pronoun. Many choose they/them, but I prefer he/him.

Getting used to this change may take some time, and that’s ok. Some of you have known me for 10 years or more, so it’s only natural to need practice. Don’t be embarrassed to correct yourself, but do make sure you use my correct pronoun even when you’re talking about me and I’m not in the room – this helps form the habit.

To help with this change myself, I’ll introduce myself to any new people in the workplace by giving my name and pronoun (common practice in many LGBTQ+ communities).

If all this is new to you, some of it may seem strange and you may have questions. Not all trans people like to be asked lots of questions, but I am comfortable being a non-binary transgender activist. So, please don’t be embarrassed to ask me for more information about me, or about the topic in general.

Thank you for helping me make this change.