New Workshop – Relating Without A Map

Kimwei has teamed up with his partner Dr Emily Grossman to bring you a workshop on exploring relationships which are unconventional in all sorts of ways.

Read Emily’s description of the workshop below. It was first piloted at The Summerhouse Weekend 2019 and is now available to book for your event:

Relating Without a Map: Exploring new relationship paradigms

Until a year ago, Emily had only had heterosexual monogamous relationships with cis-gendered men. However, last year she met and fell in love with singer-songwriter, music lecturer and gender activist Kimwei McCarthy – who identifies as non-binary, assigned female at birth. At around the same time, Emily also diagnosed herself as having high-functioning autism. Emily and Kimwei now have a deeply committed partnership. They are also ethically non-monogamous. In this talk and discussion, Emily and Kimwei will share their experiences of the new relationship models they have had to create in order to celebrate each other’s differences and to enjoy a truly exceptional and fulfilling polyamorous relationship. They will also share some tools that can help you to discover what relationship maps are right for YOU.